Center for Foreign Languages

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The Centre for Foreign Languages intends to cater to the compelling requirements of the present fast-moving world and its multi-linguistic requirements. In this era of globalization and interdependence, knowing a foreign language is always an asset which gives one the required edge and enhances the job prospects. It is also evident that the knowledge of an additional foreign language is extremely essential to research scholars. Apart from the business exchange, there is also a growing need to translate scientific and technical documents, and of course, famous literary works from foreign languages. In the world of music too, there is an urge to understand the wordings of songs that you hear and enjoy. Films too need to be dubbed to have a global market.


  • To provide academic support for the interested student for various foreign language
  • To develop manpower that has foreign language knowledge that will in turn help in process of placement and research scholar.
  • To generate common window for all foreign language that will be beneficial to both student and campus recruiter.


  • French
  • German
  • Japanese