SAE - TN45 Motorsports


Team TN 45 is an organization of over 150 highly skilled and trained intellectuals that participate in national cum international automotive sporting events across India. Team TN 45, a nifty name for a team representing the fascinating district of Tiruchirappalli is the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Collegiate Club of K. Ramakrishnan College of Engineering. Started hardly over a year back, Team TN 45, at present is a nationally acknowledged team in various renowned automotive sporting events.

The members of the organization work on automotive projects- All terrain vehicles (ATVs), GoKarts, Quad bikes, aero modeling, and many other cool stuffs. The members get to design, fabricate and test their vehicles in real time. In addition, they learn to raise funds for their projects, market their vehicles. Teams would have to prepare documents like design reports, business plans, brochures, cost reports, FMEA, gantt charts, validations plans and much more.