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             Shelley club is a literary club of the department of English initiated in the year 2009. Dr.S.Neelakandan, in-charge of this club, actively involves by conducting various literary activities and competitions to the students. In this competitive scenario, every engineering graduate confronts many hardships when they leave the campus. To overcome their fear and shyness, Shelley club provides a platform by conducting many competitions like elocution, essay writing, poetry recitation, extempore, and other various activities provide them an opportunity for self-expression.


                    Women Empowerment Cell in our college is well ordered by the department of English which is coordinated by Ms.K.Maithri, Assistant Professor, Department of English which provides many opportunities exclusively for girls. Dreams for a successful woman are being taught to girls by organizing many activities. It is always a pleasure to aware and vigil the girl students and to make their life treasure. Many activities are being conducted in our college to manifest their talents. The club organizes an international Women’s day every year to felicitate womanhood.











                  Fine arts club of our college is actively regulated by the department of English to bring out the unique talents of the students and it is headed by Mr.M.Karunakaran, Head Department of English. The talents of our students are instigated and sharpen to excel in many extracurricular activities. The club conducts an inter school cultural event, Enthusia- a hunt for young springs for the school children and an intra-college cultural fest such as Talentia, Pongal Day Celebration, Matribasha Diwas, etc., to showcase their talents. Students’ talents on various disciplines are scrutinized by the committee and the best are taken to participate in various inter college competitions in around Tamilnadu.


              English has been gaining greater importance for global communication. A fairly high degree of proficiency in English and good communication skill enhance students employability. So, we conduct BEC exam for our students. It is coordinated by Mr.M.Yogeshvaran and Dr.R.Ravindran, Assistant Professors, Department of English effectively.

             BEC is a high-quality international English language exam which instills the young minds to sharpen their language study and work success. This exam is developed by Cambridge English Language Assessment – a department of the University of Cambridge, the world leader in language teaching.

Why this exam?

  1. To make recruitment easier.
  2. To uplift students’ employability.
  3. Accepted globally by top multinational corporations.
  4. Accepted for all categories of UK visa application, including tier-2 and tier -4 covering work and study.


Environmental Science Club of K.Ramakrishnan College of Engineering serves as eco friendly and intellectual club since 2009. The main motto of establishing the environmental Science Club is to conserve the natural environment and to create a clean and green consciousness among students by conducting various innovative activities. Our club plays an important role in creating environmental awareness amongst the future generation

The club organizes various competitions, webinars, food donation camps, awareness programs in every academic year and motivate students to express their creativity, innovation and ideas to create a better eco friendly environment.

The club is successfully running under the guidance of Mrs.M.Thamaraiselvi, Coordinator of Environmental Science Club and Head, Department of Chemistry.


EVS Club of Chemistry Department organized "Extempore" event on 22.8.2021

1st Prize - Saraswathi M(III EEE)

2nd Prize - Sanofer S(II ECE C)

3rd Prize - Deebika R(III EEE) & Hariharan S(II CSE A)


A Students’ Exnora was started in 2016. ExNora is an acronym which refers, Excellent which means perfection, Novel which means new, Radical which means reactive. This brings great reactive impacts over the surrounding. With the coordination of Mrs.M.Thamarai Selvi, Head, Department of Chemistry EXNORA, the club activities are provoking its members and students towards environmental activities, creating positive impacts towards Mother Nature.

We, members of EXNORA have conducted many activities, awareness programs and webinars in the recent years. In the upcoming years all these events will be done successfully with extra efforts. Preserving Nature is to preserve our future.


Students ExNoRa of Chemistry Department  organized "Pencil Sketch" event on 30.08.2021

1st Prize - Pooja R(II ECE B)

2nd Prize - Harrish S(III CSE A)

3rd Prize - Raveendhran M(III MECH B)